Hatred and caste-divisive politics perpetrated by certain political parties in Maharashtra


The politicians in our country indulge in what can be best described as “hate politics” and such practices are in the best interests of nobody except those who perpetrate them…

One such example of “hate politics” is the vicious anti-North Indian campaign carried out by Raj Thackeray & his self-servicing, pompously-named MNS party…Mr. Thackeray, on the lines of his illustrous uncle, wants to drive away North Indian immigrants from our fair city, Mumbai…these object of his ire, these immigrants hail from Bihar & UP and are contemptously referred by his party-workers as “bhaiyyas”…

According to His Highness, Mr. Thackeray, these “bhaiyyas” are responsible for snapping up jobs, which were supposed to have gone to the original “sons of the soil”…they are also responsible for the increasing rate of crime in Mumbai, as they come from back-ward & depraved regions…he firmly believes that they should survive in the places where they are born, & if such survival is not possible, they do not have the right to look for greener pastures elsewhere…

Unfortunately, the well educated Thackeray, the self-appointed guardian of the Marathi Manoos does not believe in the constitutional right that every Indian is vested with, the right to seek his livelihood in any part of his country…he is also short-sighted enough to believe that he is protecting the interests of his fellow-Maharashtrians by booting out people of other castes (first the Bhaiyyas, followed by the Madrasis, the Gujjus & others who are encroaching on the sacred land of Maharashtra)…in his view, all non-Maharashtrians living in this state are no more than parasites & he recommends the use of extreme force to remove these leeches…

He has also been extremely vocal in demanding reservations for Maharashtrians in schools, colleges, educational institues, privately owned firms, banks & corporates operating out of Maharashtra…obviously Thackeray Junior II (Thackeray Junior I is Uddav Thackeray) does not believe in the capability of Maharashtrians to fend for themselves or their competency to stand up & be counted among the cream of the crop…that could be the reason why he is advocating these dubious measures to serve as crutches to prop up a population, which has produced some of the world’s greatest freedom fighters, leaders & intellectuals…

It is also a known fact that most,of the north indian immigrants from states such as Uttar Pradesh & Bihar are uneducated, downtrodden people, who frustrated with the hardships they face in the places they were born in, attempt to make a better living elsewhere…once they land in their dream city, they take up menial jobs paying no more than a few rupees a day…a few lucky ones are able to eke out a comfortable living in the due course of time…the majority however barely exist on the fringes of society & hardly scrap enough to feed themselves…are these the ones that Raj Thackeray considers a threat???

The “divide & rule” formula that he is using is borrowed from his uncle, the Senior Thackeray who tried this strategy unsucessfully against South Indians & Gujratis back in the sixties….Originally introduced by the British to pit two different factions (Hindus & Muslims) in our country against each other & safeguard their own interests, this tactic is extremely dangerous in the hands of such devious people…

Today we have two different factions of Thackerays vying against each other & claiming to be to the sole representative of Maharashtrians…let us ask to what extent this is true…they live in opulence & extravagance inside virtual fortresses & venture out only when surrounded by their Z+ security cover…they harbour hordes of hooligans ready carry out their nefarious schemes, bash up innocent people, destroy public (& private) property and bring the entire state to a standstill at their whim…Raj Thackeray refused to use an Indian style toilet on the one occasion when he was arrested and its a well known fact that he & his family live by western standards…does this person deserve the honour of claiming to represent the hard-working Marathi man???

The key reason for this city being the financial capital of our Country is the influx of people from all parts of the nation…this has been instrumental in creating a talent pool teeming with individuals possessing diverse skills & abilites, which in turn has been attracting blue-chip investors & multinationals…a Mumbai stripped of all this will only be a pale shadow of its current self…inspite of having the drawback of a hot humid climate and extremely difficult to travel from one point to another, this narrow, overpopulated strip of land, composed of six small islands is counted among the top-most cities of the world…a typical Mumbaikar, who is reputed to be gritty & resourceful on one hand and intellectual & tech-savvy on the other, could be from any caste or religion…

Does Raj Thackeray really believe that a Mumbai which is populated only by Maharashtrians will lead to their betterment? The answer is a resounding NO…he is a crafty & scheming manipulator, who knows the weakness of the indigenous populace & how to exploit it to promote his own purpose…further evidence of this is the fact that he has never initiated any practical schemes for the betterment of the Marathi Manoos…Mr. Raj Thackeray, how about starting an education drive to increase the literacy percentage of your state and instead of demanding reservations from Corporates & Multinationals, politely entreat them to support you in any way they can???

I am proud of the current generation of Indians, who are fore-sighted & mature enough to see through such malevolent & ego-centric polticians…Let us support leaders, who work for the betterment of Indians & not profess support to any particular caste or religion…let us understand that a true patriot will never advocate hate-politics…let us promote intellectual, well-educated & energetic young people to govern our Country…


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